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A brand – whether a consumer product or a corporate identity - needs to clearly differentiate from the competition and provide a consistently clear voice in the marketplace. Technology has redefined the traditional relationship between a brand and its audience - creating myriad new ways in which a brand interacts with its intended targets.

As part of our campaign development, we can help you develop a platform to support how each product or service engages its target audiences and meets its specific objectives. We validate what your key targets will respond to - ensuring that the messaging and content developed is relevant and attractive.

This approach yields higher traffic, greater share of voice, and greater penetration than conventional methods of campaign development - all while maintaining a brand identity that speaks to each intended audience clearly and consistently.

Portfolio Brand Management

Brands with multiple in-line products (and potential line extensions) or services, each with healthcare professional and consumer target audiences, can leverage their interrelationship by creating an identity that supports the product franchise.

We can help you develop a unifying presence for the portfolio that supports each brand’s place within the offering and clearly differentiates each brand from the competition. We collaborate with key stakeholders (e.g. product teams, regulatory, legal) to develop a solution that is aligned with the needs of the franchise and is readily scalable and sustainable.

The benefit to this approach is its ability to respond to a target audience’s needs and thus engage them more efficiently with the service offering, product or brand information that is most appropriate to those needs. The equity created helps facilitate the launch of new line extensions into the marketplace.

Disease-State Awareness

The relationship between a brand and its patient audiences has changed. Overwhelmingly, patients are turning to the web as their first and most trusted resource for disease-state information.

A disease-state awareness program can provide a critically important platform for patient education while ensuring regulatory fair balance. Patients and caregivers can learn what ailments and/or conditions can be treated with your products or service offerings. This heightens a patient’s awareness of his or her disease-condition and helps them understand available treatment options - in order to both reduce misconceptions about a product and determine if one of the solutions you offer is the right one for them.

Better-educated patients and caregivers can reduce the burden on the physicians who write the prescription, since the patients enter the office with an improved baseline of knowledge.

This approach helps to remove barriers to treatment and ensures appropriate use – creating an “aura” for a company and its portfolio by supporting this critical brand-physician-patient relationship. Patients on treatment can be supported with tools and resources to ensure appropriate use furthering this benefit.

The success of these programs is driven by the strong consumer demand for trusted, fair- balanced disease state content.

Clinical Education

Clinicians are changing the way that they choose to interact with brands. Clinicians are increasingly looking for 24/7 access to information, and have turned to the web as their first and most trusted resource for disease-state awareness.

A clinical education program can provide an effective platform to reach a hard-to-reach clinical audience. Clinicians rely on the web for just-in-time knowledge - frequently after office hours - and are looking for unbiased disease-state information that cannot be found in traditional marketing materials. Our clinical education programs can serve this need, while providing the tools and resources that will help the clinical audience better understand the underlying science and issues that drive the need for appropriate treatment. Effective clinician education can remove the barriers to treatment and ensure appropriate therapy – while providing essential regulatory fair balance.

This approach draws clinical engagement through targeted and relevant content and can quickly respond to the changing needs within the marketplace. The strong demand among clinicians for trusted, fair-balanced clinical education drives the success of these programs. The result? A communications platform designed to influence clinical behavior.

Technology Solutions

Catalyst offers powerful technology solutions to meet our clients' business and communications needs.

We provide solutions that deliver access to insights on competitors, customers and other stakeholders key to your organization.

We leverage the latest technologies to communicate with hard-to-reach audiences and deliver results.

We develop online workflows - complex solutions that streamline business processes and generate efficiency. Our online workflow programs for Fortune 50 companies have delivered up to a 40% operational efficiency.

Competitive Insight Technology

Our competitive insight database solution - a proprietary technology for 33rd and Woodbine - provides timely, contextual insight of global competitive activity.

A searchable database of competitors’ advertising, with daily uploads of new print, outdoor, broadcast and web ads - with in-depth analysis for each ad - is designed to provide global enterprises and their agency partners an up-to-the-minute insight of activity within the competitive landscape. Leading to better, more informed decision-making throughout the organization.